Cloudops tool integration is more important than the tools themselves

Its 3:00 on a Tuesday_ and your AIops tool messages that the corporate network is reaching a saturation point. It seems that one of the potential cloud servers is spinning off a solid number of packets_ hijacked by a vagabond piece of software placed by a hacker the night precedently.

You wish that the security operations tool would have picked up on this_ but it was the general-purpose treatment and monitoring tool that saw the network commerce spiking out of threshold and sounded the alarm that drew observation to the rupture. The offending server is quickly taken down; all is right with the globe anew. However_ this could have gone much better.

If this seems much more intricate than just picking a one-purpose tool for a one purpose and not having to ponder almost how they work unitedly_ youre right. But_ if this stuff were easy_ it would not fetch the value of cloud computing that enterprises have been promised.