Watch: Philips Chief Innovation Officer Jeroen Tas talks about the future of healthcare

In this episode of our video series Unwind With Boris_ where TNW CEO Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten talks shop with Dutch entrepreneurs and innovators_ Philips Chief Innovation amp; Strategy Officer Jeroen Tas gives us a sight of healthcares forthcoming.<_b>

In the business globe_ the word “alteration” is severely overused. Every self-respecting multinational seems to run an alteration hub or tech lab; rooms with colorful post-its on the walls that supposedly spur technological breakthroughs_ but_ in verity_ dont result in developed change. In 2015_ entrepreneur Steve Black even coined a phrase for this phenomenon: alteration theater. 

For Philips_ alteration has never been make-believe. During its 130 years of being_ the company has continuously launched new_ even revolutionary ideas — leading in consumer electronics_ and these days in digital healthcare. 

Enter Jeroen Tas_ running Chief Innovation amp; Strategy Officer at Philips. Tas already ran a tech lab back in the 90s_ when he was developing new payment solutions for Citibank_ and has helped companies innovate ever since. 

In his running role with Philips_ Tas looks at emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence_ robotics_ and the Internet of Things to make digital healthcare more sustainable and efficient. In this video_ Tas offers an insight into the near forthcoming of medical healthcare — with AI as its protagonist — while practicing one of his favorite hobbies_ kitesurfing. 

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