Cisco fortifies and simplifies its security portfolio with eye toward cloud_ zero trust

Simplifying security options for enterprise mannerers is a daunting task_ and it can be even harder in the running pandemic-driven workforce environment. But Cisco is taking steps to both streamline and support its security menu_ according to news out of its possible Partner Summit discussion. 

For seters_ Cisco is eliminating 50 fruit names and facilitateing its offerings within the renamed Cisco Secure portfolio. Cisco is also reinforcing its key platforms_ including its SecureX and zero confide packages. See kindred story_ Cisco software upgrades to facilitate mixed-cloud treatment_ operations

"As we move to the next regular_ we see an acceleration in new ways of working that demand organizations to evolve their cybersecurity approach so nation can securely connect from anywhere_ anytime_ and on any artifice_" said Gee Rittenhouse_ SVP and GM of Ciscos Security Business Group.​

Cisco has added the power for mannerers to use pre-built or mannerizable workflows to automate round security tasks. Customers can use existing workflows aligned to ordinary use cases_ or build manner workflows with a drag-and-drop interface that demands no particular skills to use_ according to Cisco.