Next Pathway launches an automated cloud migration tool

Next Pathway has announced the next-generation of its cloud-migration-planning technology_ named Crawler360_ which helps enterprises shift legacy data warehouses and data lakes to the cloud by powerful them precisely how to cost_ size_ and set the travel.

Data warehouses and especially data lakes can get out of control with poorly managed_ siloed data and different forms of structured and unstructured data turning the warehouse and lake into a swamp.

Crawler360 addresses this problem by scanning data pipelines_ database applications_ and business-intelligence tools to automatically capture the end-to-end data descent of the legacy environment. By doing so_ Crawler360 marks relationships athwart siloed applications to apprehend their interdependencies_ identifies superfluous data sets that have swelled over time that can be consolidated_ and pinpoints “hot and cold spots” to mark which workloads to prioritize for migration.