What to know about Azure Arcs hybrid-cloud server management

Azure Arc for servers_ a centralized treatment tool that prepares visibility into Azure data labors_ Kubernetes clusters_ and servers running Windows or Linux_ has been generally useful since September_ helping fulfill Microsofts stated intent to support enterprise hybrid-cloud architectures.

By extending Azure Resource Manager ARM_ Azure Arc can help streamline the treatment of technical resources on antecedent and in other clouds. ARM is a foundational treatment labor used by a host of Azure tools to prepare a congruous experience athwart a difference of resources including potential machines_ web applications_ or data stores. Introduced in 2014_ ARM enables a mature set of capabilities for Arc right out of the box.

In accession to features that are part of the currently useful Azure Arc for Windows servers_ other features—Azure Arc for Linux servers_ Azure Arc for Kubernetes_ and Azure Arc-enabled data labors—are useful in preview.