California Charter Schools roll out blockchain protection measures for COVID-19 response

Public California Charter Schools are taking steps to lessen COVID-19 risks by using Team.Care Network, a workforce engagement solution developed by Solve.Care with a centre on well-being and COVID-19 risk, to help fix the safety of students and their families, teachers and support staff. 

The Collaborative Charter Services Organization provides administrative support services to open charter schools athwart the State of California. In total, these educational institutions in the initial rollout reapply over 100 workers and obey approximately 1,000 students from age four to adults. With teachers and students currently taking part in school activities online, priority is leading given to the reapplyees who are currently working on-site. As more nation recur to the offices and schools, Team.Care Network will be implemented to the wider school aggregation to help handle a safer recur to the institutions in a controlled mode.