Best TV under 300

Whether it's time to replace an older model or you just want to browse through newer options and look for decent prices, there are tons of televisions on the market right now that can fit almost any budget. Smart TVs are now in this range and are mass produced in such a way that they are more affordable for many people. We compiled a list of the best TV under $300 and tried to break down each list to help you make up your mind. From family movie night to self-care and everything in between, we use our TVs a lot and it's important to make sure we are looking for the right one for our household.

Testing the best TV under 300 dollars

The best TV under 300 $ may not offer the absolute top performance, such as a flagship OLED or QLED TV, aren't as bad as they were five years ago.
Of course, you'll have to come to terms with your expectations a bit, but you can very easily walk away with a perfect 43-inch, 50-inch, or 55-inch 4K smart TV without smashing more than five Benjamin.

Toshiba 32-Inch Smart HD TV under 300

This brand new TV from Toshiba comes with a built-in Fire TV and even allows voice control with Alexa! This means you can use your voice to launch apps and streams, watch live TV, search for titles or apps, play music, switch inputs, etc. While this Smart TV does a very complex job for consumers, it's simple to use - just plug it in, connect to your Wi-Fi source and get started. The addition of the Fire TV to this Toshiba model means you can stream and connect to all the apps you love for movies and TV shows and easily switch to Live TV. With 720p HD image quality, you can enjoy sharp contrasts and rich colors at exceptional speed and performance. Toshiba is a trusted brand for a reason.

Good for those looking for a Smart TV at a fraction of the cost. Perfect for tech-savvy users who love their Alexa and Firestick options.

Note that some users were not fans of the legs designed to support the TV. If this bothers you, look for a wall mount and enjoy!

Hisense H8G Quantum Series under $300

The Hisense H8G Quantum Series (50H8G) offers excellent value for money in a 50-inch TV. From the Android TV smarts to the QLED display and local dimming for great HDR support, the H8G is one of the best TVs you'll find for under $300.

The quantum dot screen boosts color performance and local dimming offers great contrast, but there are still some compromises made in the name of affordability. The 60Hz display and so-so motion controls aren't what you'd see on a premium TV, and color reproduction isn't perfect, but it's still among the best 50-inch 4K smart TVs out there you will find in this price range.

Android TV offers a great smart TV experience, with Chromecast built-in and Google Assistant, offering plenty of flexibility to work with Google's vast library of apps. With lag times under 14 milliseconds, the Hisense H8G is also one of the best gaming TVs you can buy for less than 3500.

TCL 4K Smart LED Roku TV, 50” under $300

This 50 inch TV (with stand) features smart technology that delivers all your favorite content in a simple and accessible way. Picture quality is a wonderful 4K UHD and features High Dynamic Range technology for clarity and detail. The home screen is available at the touch of a button on Roku's little remote and is easily customized to include just the apps you want, in any order.

With Roku, you never have to flip through channels or dig through confusing menus again: just click on your streaming app of choice and navigate with arrows and an "OK" button.

TCL prides itself on ensuring it gives you access to the latest available technology right in the comfort of your own home. Also, this particular listing is for the 50 inch, but Amazon has other size options available in this listing. Make sure you measure your space and choose the best fit for you.

Toshiba C350 Fire TV under 300

The Toshiba C350 Fire TV is the addition to the small family of Amazon-powered smart TVs in 2021, offering good features and decent performance at an extremely affordable price. It's a decent example of the Fire TV template, combining good-enough 4K picture quality, impressively short lag times, and Amazon's great Fire TV smart features like built-in Alexa voice control, a fairly large app store, and ( of course) a user interface that puts Amazon's Prime Video service front and center. With even the largest 55-inch model selling for less than $500 (and likely a lot less at sales events), it's one of the smartest affordable TVs you can get.

The C350 doesn't come with the latest bells and whistles like HDMI 2.1 or Dolby Atmos support, but it does support Dolby Vision and HDR10 - albeit not very well. But with excellent color accuracy, low lag time, and a nice looking design, it's still a solid TV for the price and better than many Fire TV models we've seen in the past.

Insignia 43-Inch Smart TV under 300

With a variety of sizes available at different prices, this all-new TV from Insignia is the top-rated on our list for a reason. The Fire TV Edition that comes with this device combines live TV options with select streaming apps. The picture quality is 4K Ultra HD with over 8 million pixels, so viewing is always crystal clear and in beautiful colors. The included remote gives you easy access to your favorite streaming services right from your home screen, and reviewers say the remote is easy to use. This TV also allows voice control with Alexa! This means you can use your voice to launch applications and streaming, watch live TV, search for titles or applications, play music, switch between inputs, etc.

It's good for those looking for a trusted device with all the bells and whistles. Remember that a few reviewers noted that they had a hard time getting in touch with customer support, so if you don't have the technical background you can be alone!

Which features are worth paying more for?

While cheap TVs are pretty good, there's no denying that spending more will give you some features you won't be able to find for under 300. If any of the following seem like a must for your new TV, consider spending a little more.

Screen Size

If you're lucky, you'll find a 65-inch TV or two at sales events that sell for under $300. And going bigger than that will always cost more. If you want something like a 75-inch TV, the only option is to rack up more money.

Sound Quality

Today's budget TVs do a lot of things well, but sound quality isn't usually one of them. We recommend pairing your new TV with one of the best soundbars to get better sound than the tiny speakers crammed into a slim TV chassis ever could.

Picture Quality

4K resolution is exceptional, but today's premium TVs have taken picture quality to new levels of excellence with better color, brightness and contrast, not to mention extremely smooth motion handling. If you want the best image quality, we recommend that you consider paying more for technologies like quantum dots, mini-LEDs, and OLEDs.