Battlefield V puts battle royale on the back burner to focus on story

EA is apparently determined to fix its latest endeavor_ WWII-era shooter Battlefield V<_em>_ is getting as much space as practicable to try its different from its infinite rival Call of Duty<_em>. The company has now put the brakes on BFV<_em>s fight royale in permission of the games single-player story_ signification that for the time being_ anyway it wont have to contend for the observation of Fortnite <_em>emigres with Black Ops 4<_em>s Blackout mode.

EA and developer DICE today revealed the schedule for BFV<_em>s post-release full_ which includes three separate “chapters” containing new story chapters_ maps_ and_ of order_ game modes. Surprisingly_ the fight royale mode_ named “Firestorm_” will be propeling with the third chapter_ “Trial by Fire” in March.