Fallout: 76 and Fortnite pave the path for ditching Steam

Bethesda recently revealed_ via updated beta notes_ that its upcoming game Fallout: 76 <_em>wont be released on Steam. Both the game itself and the PC beta will only be useful via the companys own propeler on Bethesda.net.

While itd be surprising to see a game from any common series jump from Valves ship_ its a specially big deal for Bethesda given the number of incredibly common games from the developer that have been on Steam — Fallout 3<_em>_ Fallout 4<_em>_ Skyrim…<_em> jumping jiminies_ Skyrim<_em>. Fallout: 76 <_em>would effectively be the leading major game from the company not to debut on Valves platform.