Gaming laptops under 300

Finding the best gaming laptops under $300 hasn't been easy folks. In fact, when we first decided to write this article, we had our doubts. Why?

Because in order to play modern games, a laptop must have powerful resources such as a good processor and lots of memory, and a cheap laptop may not meet the requirements and contain these components.

Not everyone has the budget for a brand new Alienware laptop or premium MacBook Pro.

Don't worry, we've scoured the internet and researched cheap gaming laptops to find the best gaming laptops under $300. Enjoy!

The HP 14 ″ HD laptop

This laptop is a good gaming laptop for playing online and on the go. The laptop is small, light and easy to carry.

Although the laptop has dual core processors, it only has 4 GIG RAM, which limits it.

However, if you are looking for a budget gaming laptop, don't expect laptops with a lot of storage space.

This laptop is suitable for playing simple games, but will have problems with modern games. However, if you add more storage, it will offer a better gaming experience.


  • The Intel Celeron dual-core processor helps with multitasking.
  • Great affordable price.
  • The lightweight laptop weighs just three pounds.


  • Only 4 GIG of RAM will have a hard time making a modern game run smoothly.

The all-new HP Stream 14 ″ HD SVA 2021 laptop

The HP Stream is another perfect gaming laptop as a casual gaming PC. The HP Stream is an affordable gaming laptop, but it is suitable for playing simple online games. This laptop offers good battery life and a Full HD display.


  • Intel Celeron processor
  • Including 1 year of Office 365


  • Only 4GB of RAM, it will be difficult to run hardcore games.

Best graphics card: HP 14 ″ Lightweight Chromebook

This dual core AMD Chromebook and 4GB of RAM. This laptop is a budget laptop but still includes many standard laptop features including an HD display, WIFI, and an SD card reader.


  • This is an easy to use Chromebook, and Google Chrome has good antivirus protection.
  • This laptop has an AMD dual core processor
  • AMD Radeon graphics


  • Only 4 GIG of Ram

HP Chromebook x360 14a 2-in-1 Laptop

Another gaming laptop option, this HP Chromebook is an affordable gaming laptop with surprisingly good battery life. The best gaming laptops have more memory than 4 GIG of RAM, but keep in mind that you are looking for budget gaming laptops.

However, this laptop is good enough for playing online games, simple games, and other household chores.


  • 2 in 1 laptop. This laptop can be used as a normal laptop or folded as a tablet.
  • Battery life of 12 hours.


  • Again only 4 GIG of memory.

The Acer Chromebook 314

The Acer Chromebook is the cheapest laptop on this list, but it still has an HD display and 4 GIG of RAM.

This is an affordable gaming laptop. Like many budget gaming laptops, this laptop only offers 4 GIG of RAM which can be limiting but is still good enough for browsing the internet and playing some games.

Cheap laptops with more than 4GB of memory are hard to find, but this is a good gaming laptop for playing online and doing tasks like checking email and shopping online.


  • This is a Chromebook with an Intel processor.
  • Battery life of 12 hours.
  • The Intel Pentium processor also takes care of the graphics (Intel UHD Graphics)


  • Only 4 GIG of RAM, but it is expected in this price range.


What to look for in a gaming laptop under $300

My friends, a gaming laptop needs a powerful graphics card and processor to handle modern gaming graphics. However, this article will focus on gaming laptops for under $300. True to history, we'll show you which laptops you can get in this price range.

Fair warning, these laptops won't break benchmark records or handle demanding games.

A good graphics card

Finding a gaming laptop isn't that difficult. Finding a Gaming Laptop Finding a gaming laptop under $300 is the challenge.

Laptops under $300 are considered budget gaming laptops. Gaming laptops under 300 may not include the hardware to play modern games, as do high-end laptops. Still, you can find good pictures and a gaming laptop under 300 with a decent graphics card.

Our recommendation is to save money on features like hard drive space and focus on finding a laptop with a good graphics card, be it an integrated graphics card, an integrated Intel UHD graphics card, or a dedicated graphics card.

Intel graphics cards and Intel HD graphics cards and AMD Radeon graphics cards are very popular. The best graphics cards include Nvidia GeForce graphics cards.

Memory capacity

Every laptop on the market is equipped with a storage solution like a traditional hard drive, or high-end laptops now come with a Solid State Drive (SSD) or a Shirley State Hard Drive.

A laptop hard drive is a critical component of the computer that stores images and file folders and contains the computer's operating system.

The size of the hard drives determines the amount of files, images, videos and other data that the laptop can store locally.

Storage capacity can be important in a gaming laptop. You may want to download games to your computer to play offline.

However, if we are looking for a gaming laptop under 300, we have to sacrifice some storage capacity to cut costs and save money. If you don't need a large hard drive, a small hard drive can save you money.

Good battery life

Laptop battery life is another factor we'll take into consideration when looking for the best gaming laptop under $300.

If you're on the market and looking for budget gaming laptops, you probably won't find a laptop with huge battery life. Playing for long periods of time requires a lot of strength.

For example, let's say you intend to play games on your laptop while the plug is not connected to an electrical outlet. In this case, a laptop with good battery life should be important to you.

Remember, we are looking for very affordable laptops. This is considered a budget gaming laptop, and things like battery life or average battery life won't exceed that of the best laptops like MacBook Pro or Alienware laptops.

However, you can find laptops under 300 that offer decent battery life and are still considered budget laptops.

If you primarily use your laptop from an electrical outlet, you're not spending much of your budget on battery life. Spend as much as possible on good graphics cards and computer memory.

A good CPU: the processor

Finding a good processor at an affordable price can be a challenge. Most computers have a dual-core processor and a lot of processing power to handle everyday tasks and online meetings. However, even these computers, or the average office computer, can cost more than $300.

At the very least, look for a dual-core processor that allows the computer to do multiple tasks at the same time without slowing down the game.

In this price range, most laptops contain Intel Celeron processors or AMD processors in the lower price range.

Laptop memory

The amount of RAM, or system memory, on a laptop determines how many applications the laptop can open and run at the same time.

For example, think of a 3 foot long desk. It may only hold a few documents on top.

However, if you have a 10 foot desk, you can put a lot more documents on that desk, and we need a lot more document space to play with.

This is the case with system memory. The more memory your laptop has, the more programs and applications can run at the same time.

However, when playing games, these applications can be memory-intensive.

So for a gaming laptop under 300, we'll look at the laptop's storage capacity.

Even if you only play one game, that game can consume a lot of computer memory. Even if you only run one application at a time, you can still consume a lot of resources.

We spend hours researching and preparing this article. We spend a lot of time looking for laptops with decent storage in the $300 price range.

You should consider saving some of your system memory budget. Laptops priced below 300 have limited system memory.

So consider moving into other areas and focusing your budget on essential components such as good graphics cards, a good CPU, and good or plenty of system memory.

HDMI connection

Low budget laptops don't come with too many features. However, a gaming laptop should at least have an HDMI port or some sort of DisplayPort so you can connect an external monitor and play games on a larger screen if necessary.

USB ports

USB connections are essential for every laptop. USB ports allow you to connect peripherals such as printers, keyboards, and other accessories such as drawing pads and game controllers to the laptop.

Look for laptops with multiple USB ports to make sure you can plug in all of your accessories.

If you only connect one USB game controller to the laptop, two USB ports should be sufficient.

However, when you use the laptop, it is considered a laptop with multiple USB ports.

However, since we are looking at laptops under 300 in this article, we will likely look at gaming laptops with at least two USB ports.

However, we will likely have at least one USB port in this price range.

Laptop weight

We all want a thin and light laptop, but a thin and light laptop will add to the cost.

When using your laptop for work or for moving around town, be aware of the weight of the laptop.

However, let's assume that you intend to use this notebook exclusively for gaming and will mainly use the notebook at home.

If so, this is another area that can save you some cash.

Operating system

The laptop's operating system (OS) should also be taken into account. For example, Apple's operating system is only available on more expensive Apple computers and not on cheap gaming laptops.

On the flip side, Microsoft's Windows operating system is used by many laptop manufacturers, and it's easier to find Windows laptops for less than $300.

While most games are compatible with both macOS and Windows, pay attention to the game's requirements to make sure it is compatible with your laptop's operating system.