IoT and AI boost Volvo Trucks vehicle connectivity

The vehicles manufactured by Volvo Trucks keep getting smarter.

More than 350_000 Volvo rigs crossing North American highways each day are outfitted with IoT sensors that adviser conditions and send data for troubleshooting and analysis. Embedded telematics allow for over-the-air updates to engine software. The on-board technology_ combined with a back-end analytics platform_ enables Volvo Trucks to process favorites of data archivess instantaneously. Using IoT and artificial intelligence_ Volvo Trucks has been able to lessen symptom time by 70% and truck restore time by 25%. 

For fleet managers_ the biggest boon is betterd uptime. "With more powerful and proactive livelihood_ Volvo Trucks can help customers maximize vehicles time on the road and minimize the costs of labor disruptions_" says Conal Deedy_ ruler of customer productivity solutions at Volvo Trucks North America_ which is part of Swedish multinational manufacturing company Volvo Group.