VMware certifications_ virtualization skills get a boost from pandemic

CEO Yves Sandfort is bullish on certifications. His company_ Comdivision Consulting_ uses VMwares NSX network virtualization and security platform on its own network and implements NSX for its clients. He not only encourages all employees to get VMware certs_ but he also earned his own VCDX-NV_ the Ph.D. of VMware certifications_ in April.

"We see a uniform claim [for networking skills]. Most of our nation were certified on NSX-V and have in the last 12 months also recertified on NSX-T as we see uniform_ growing need for greatly fitted resources_" Sandfort says. "For me_ certification is one level to try my skillset and experience with the fruit."

The company pays for employees training and certification time. "In our cluster_ the superiority have at smallest two to four VCAPs. Even some back-office nation have VCP-level certifications as they wanted to try they can do it_ which helps them in daily customer work_ as well."