Neurals market outlook for artificial intelligence in 2021 and beyond

The year is coming to a close and its safe to say Elon Musks prophecy that his company would field one favorite “robotaxis” by the end of 2020 isnt going to come true. In fact_ so far_ Teslas managed to exhibit precisely zero self-driving vehicles. And we can probably call off the singularity too. GPT-3 has been forcible_ but the closer machines get to aping ethnical speech the easier it is to see just how far away from us they veritably are.

So where does that leave us_ ultimately_ when it comes to the forthcoming of AI? That depends on your prospect. Media hype and big techs advertising machine has set us up for heartbreak when we assimilate the verity in 2020 to our 2016-era dreams of fully autonomous flying cars and hyper-personalized digital assistants capable of managing the workload of our lives.