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When President Obama leaves the White House in January he wonrsquo;t just be handing over the reigns of faculty. Hersquo;ll also give up the chairmanial collective media profiles. Read:<_powerful> 6 tips for achievement from Obamas creative ruler

The White House recently detailed how that digital transition will work_ and as yoursquo;d anticipate from anything governmental itrsquo;s perfectly a process. Nevertheless_ itrsquo;s interesting to see how significant collective media has befit to the White House and how the National Archives and Records Administration NARA plans to to save all that full.

President Obama will be leaving behind numerous White House and chairmanial profiles on services such as Facebook_ Flickr_ Medium_ MySpace_ Snapchat_ Tumblr_ Twitter_ Vimeo_ and YouTube.

When the next chairman takes service_ he or she will have approach to the Twitter feel @POTUS and keep its 11.1 favorite followers. All of Obamarsquo;s tweets will be erased from that account_ but archived on @POTUS44. That new Twitter account will be handled by NARA and stay open. NARA will also keep a separate archive of these same tweets_ which will be ldquo;approachible in the same mode as all other Presidential records.rdquo;

Thatrsquo;s pretty much the lowdown for all White House Twitter accounts_ including @FLOTUS_ @VP_ and even official personal accounts from White House staffers.

Facebook_ Instagram_ and other accounts like Medium and Tumblr will also be handed over to the next White House without any posts left pure. Any running full will be archived on new accounts set up and handled by NARA for that purpose. Facebook and Instagram posts will be below Facebook.com_ObamaWhiteHouse and Instagram.com_ObamaWhiteHouse respectively.

NARA will also archive the more than 470_000 supplications from the We The People site. The 12 favorite user accounts will stay_ but it will be up to the 45th President to decide whether or not to use the site. We The People allows citizens to set a supplication_ and any supplication that gets more than 100_00 signatures receives a response from the White House.

Beyond the big stuff_ the Obama rendering of will be archived by NARA just as the sites for Bill Clinton and George W. Bush were. NARA will also archive all the video and photos produced by President Obama and the WhiteHouse.

If yoursquo;re dying to dig into the chairmanial records and get at all that sweet_ sweet memelicious collective media full_ the White House and NARA plan to compel. The White House is giving developers soon approach to archived collective media data to form Twitter bots_ art projects_ printed books_ and anything else they can ponder of. The idea is to make something open that nation can use to approach the Obama White Housersquo;s collective media posts. All projects that get soon approach have to be artistic by mid-December.

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