5 big and powerful Python web frameworks

When you build a back end for a website or labor_ even one that seems modest at leading glance_ you may quickly find its anything but. Even a “single” site turns out to be a hive of complexity. User treatment_ data design_ form submissions_ security_—implementing all of that by hand gets wearisome.

For those big web projects_ when you know you will need seething plus the kitchen sink_ its best to turn to a framework that comes with batteries and chargers included. Here are five heavyweight web frameworks for Python that come with all you need to build strong web applications and then some.

To fetch or manipulate persistent data in a CubicWeb app_ you use Relation Query Language RQL_ which employs vaguely SQL-like syntax but is patterned behind the W3Cs SparQL. CubicWebs vindication for this is_ anew_ separation: RQL provides a bigly decoupled way to interrelate different data sources.