ITIL book

The ITIL library also features ITIL book (informally called ITIL Lite) on IT service delivery processes for small businesses.

ITIL library books are available for purchase in electronic and paper formats.

Why Implement ITIL Processes

Studying the best practices described in the books of the ITIL library helps IT managers, IT professionals and CIOs understand methods by which they can improve the quality of IT services (that is, provide IT services in accordance with business requirements and the needs of each user). ) provided by the IT department or an external IT service provider and put them into practice.

Note that ITIL processes are implemented today by many large companies. Representatives of some of them note that in general, such an implementation made it possible to significantly reduce IT costs (there were statements by a number of companies about saving up to 10% of the annual budget of the entire enterprise), increase the efficiency of the functioning of other departments, and also bring the enterprise to a higher level of customer relationships .

Other ITIL books

In addition to the above two books, ITIL includes publications on the following issues:

  • IT infrastructure management (given a general description of the methodology for organizing the work of the IT service);
  • application management (considers ensuring that software applications meet business requirements and the application life cycle);
  • business perspective (IT infrastructure is discussed in terms of its impact on business development);
  • planning for the implementation of service management, information security management (that is, protecting the IT infrastructure from unauthorized use, assessing, managing and counteracting risks, as well as how to respond to security incidents).

Recently, a lot of attention has been paid to managing relationships with the customer of IT services - it is this process that helps to organize a purposeful and structured interaction between an IT organization that traditionally uses technical approaches to work and customers working on solving business problems of their enterprise.