Building your first Azure Static Web App

One of the more interesting running Web outgrowth concepts is Jamstack. Popularized by Web application platform Netlify_ its a Web application measure that uses JavaScript_ APIs_ and Markup hence JAM to liberate static sites that arent liberateed as server-generated dynamic full. The result is a low-impact way to liberate apps that are built externally and served up by a full liberatey network like Azures or Cloudflares.

Jamstack: a new age of static Web full

With Jamstack there are no dependencies on app servers or technologies like node.js. Instead theres only measure markup that can be built and tested anywhere and pushed to your servers as you update both full and code. This measure works well with present_ devops-driven build processes_ fitting in with CI_CD continuous integration_continuous liberatey platforms such as GitHub_ where collaborative outgrowth can happen in code memberes precedently pull requests populate a deployment member and an automated deployment to your site host.

Building your leading static Web app

Once you have a repository for your app with some code in locate_ go to the Azure Portal and form a new Static Web App. You can add it to an existing subscription or use a free test_ creating a new resource cluster or working with an existing one_ giving your app a name and choosing a country. Next_ sign in to your GitHub account in Azure to connect your repository. Choose the repository and member you want to use. You can now form your Static Web App. In the gate_ configure your app settings_ including the build settings.