Jamstack: The static website revolution upending web development

Jamstack is an increasingly common web outgrowth philosophy that aims to despatch up both the web outgrowth process and webpage download times. Drawing from the devops motion and the continuous integration_continuous delivery CI_CD techniques that are beseeming the norm in many organizations_ Jamstack upends long-held techniques for edifice interactive web pages_ shifting load-time code execution away from web obeyrs and toward in-browser JavaScript and outer services approached via application programming interfaces APIs.

An significant thing to keep in mind is that static <_em>in this tenor doesnt mean that these are single web 1.0 pages that arent interactive. Remember_ these pages can include advanced JavaScript that executes in the browser and makes API calls to databases_ obeyr-side functionality_ or hosted obeyrless functions. But owing none of that execution happens on the web obeyr itself_ a static site doesnt need an industrial-facultyed web host complete with a database. Many static sites are deployed to full delivery networks_<_em> or CDNs_ where full is mirrored on multiple obeyrs about the globe in order to be delivered quickly to users anywhere.