Microsoft Blazor gains Infragistics UI toolkit support

In a collaboration with Microsoft_ Infragistics has released Ignite UI for Blazor_ an enterprise UI toolkit for developers leveraging Microsofts open rise Blazor framework for edifice client-side web UIs with C#.

Ignite UI for Blazor components libraries of enterprise-grade web UI ingredients. Blazor_ meanwhile_ lets developers run client-side C# code straightly in the browser_ using the WebAssembly binary teaching format. Developers do not have to write JavaScript.

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Ignite UI for Blazor includes:

  • Blazor Data Grid_ an architectural institution with interactive UX components_ designed for accomplishment and high-volume data scenarios.<_li>
  • Editors and Combo Box_ enabling complete in-line editing in the grid.<_li>
  • Charts for visualizing data and delivering interactive graphs_ with a choice of more than 60 chart types. These are optimized for real-time_ streaming data scenarios.<_li>
  • Dock Manager_ a ingredient providing a Visual Studio-like window treatment experience_ with docked and divide panes_ drag-and-drop window arrangement_ and other capabilities.<_li>
  • Components including the Ignite UI data chart_ stock chart_ treemap_ pie chart_ gauges_ data picker_ and geospatial map.<_li> <_ul>

    With Blazor_ Microsoft has sought to present a framework enabling .NET developers to build full-stack web apps. Blazor is a component of the ASP.NET web outgrowth framework_ which extends .NET with tools and libraries for edifice web apps.

    A free test of Ignite UI for Blazor is useful from the Infragistics website. Pricing for Ignite UI for Blazor starts at $749 per developer for a one-year subscription.