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What are media players? Why are they needed at all? What they can do, how to use them and why they are MORE CONVENIENT and BETTER than everything else (BluRay, DVD, CD). - Read more about it. Media player is a player for videos, music and photo albums (photos).

The media player plays files that contain videos, music, or photos. The better the player, the more different file formats it supports. Using the best models, you can forget about the word “format” altogether: just select and launch movies, music, photo albums with standard buttons on the remote - just like on the old familiar BluRay, DVD, and CD players.

MPV Player

An advanced HTML5 audio video mpvplayer that works with Flash Fallback. With it, you can access a wide range of audio and video shortcuts. Full screen mode can be used as it works fine in Internet Explorer and Chrome.

The most useful options of the plugin are video looping, size control, autoplay settings, progress bar, volume and duration settings, video preview and audio functions control.

A simple and flexible online video player for a website that supports YouTube videos. It is popular with professionals and beginners alike due to its simple design, and it allows even large video files to be handled smoothly.

There are two ways to stream video - sequential (progressive streaming) and real-time (Real-time streaming). When transmitted in a serial way, the image quality is always better because the video is played from your hard drive. You can use a standard web server for this video transfer method.

However, the disadvantage of the sequential transfer method is that it is not possible to jump from one scene to another when playing a file. Thus, in order to view any part of the clip, you will need to load it up to the right time. Therefore, serial video transmission over the Internet is mainly used for short clips.


Open source video player. Projekktor was released under the GPLv3 license and is written using JavaScript. This platform has enough capabilities to solve all the problems associated with cross-browser compatibility.